jflute 1.2 for Windows 10


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FLUTE is a file distribution utility that allows multicast file transfer over ALC (Asynchronous Layered Coding). It implements the file transport mechanism defined in RFC3926 "FLUTE - File Delivery over Unidirectional Transport".


* Feedback free protocol for transmission, suitable for unidirectional links

* In-band signalling of the properties of delivered files

* ALC (Asynchronous Layered Coding) compliant

* Massively scaleable multicast protocol (see RFC 3450 up to RFC 3453), relying on multi-rates transmissions in multiple multicast groups

* Switchable 'on-demand' and 'push' delivery modes

* Configurable Number of layers

* Recursive directory transmissions.

JFlute was initially developed at Fraunhofer FOKUS as part of the activities in the mCDN (Multimedia Content Discovery & Delivery Network) project and subsequently released as OpenSource. The mCDN project is funded by the IST (Information Society Technologies) initiative of the European Commission under the project number FP6-507993.